The key objective of the MEMBER project is the scale-up and manufacturing of advanced materials (membranes and sorbents) and their demonstration at TRL6 in novel membrane based technologies that outperform current technology for pre- and post-combustion CO2 capture in power plants as well as H2 generation with integrated CO2 capture. Two different strategies will be followed and demonstrated at three different end users facilities to achieve CO2 separation:

  • A combination of Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMM) for pre- and post-combustion, 
  • A combination of metallic membranes and sorbents into an advanced Membrane Assisted Sorption Enhanced Reforming (MA-SER) process for pure H2 production with integrated CO2 capture.

In both cases, a significant decrease of the total cost of CO2 capture will be achieved. MEMBER targets CO2 capture technologies that separate >90% CO2 at a cost below 40€/ton for post combustion and below 30€/ton for pre-combustion and H2 production.

To achieve this objective, MEMBER has been built on the basis of the best materials and technologies developed in former FP7 projects, ASCENT, M4CO2 and FluidCELL. In particular, special attention will be paid to the manufacturing processes scale up of key materials and products such as Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), polymers, membranes and sorbents.

At the end of the project we will deliver a robust demonstration of the new materials in real conditions (TRL 6) by designing, building, operating and validating three prototype systems tested at industrial relevant conditions:

  • Prototype A targeted for pre-combustion in a gasification power plant using MMM at the facilities of CENER (BIO-CCS). 
  • Prototype B targeted for post-combustion in power plants using MMM at the facilities of GALP.
  • Prototype C targeted for pure hydrogen production with integrated CO2 capture using (MA-SER) at the facilities of IFE-HyNor.