Institutt for energiteknikk

Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE) is a non-profit international research foundation for energy and nuclear technology. IFE’s mandate is to undertake research and development, on an ideal basis and for the benefit of society, within the energy and petroleum sector, and to carry out assignments in the field of nuclear technology for the nation. The Institute was founded in 1948 and has about 600 employees.

IFE is an important contributor to the development of Norwegian and international business, both through deliveries in specific projects and through setting up new businesses based on IFE technology.

In the past 15 years, the department of Environmental Industrial Processes has been working in several national and international projects in the field of power and hydrogen production with integrated CO2-capture, with a special focus on the development of sorption-enhanced processes, novel high temperature CO2 solid sorbents and novel oxygen carriers for chemical looping processes. The research group in the department has expertise in process intensification, gas-solid catalytic and non-catalytic reactions, advanced material science, fluidized bed reactor technology and process modelling.