Delft University of Technology

TUDELFT (Delft University of Technology) is the largest and oldest of the three technical universities in The Netherlands with a focus on applied sciences. The department of Chemical Engineering (ChemE) focuses on new future technologies relevant for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and ranks 3th of European universities in the 2016 QS world ranking of Chemical Engineering. Building upon its proven strength in Chemical Engineering, the Department develops the science and technology of functional nanostructured systems, from molecules up to the design of products and processes.

The Chemical Engineering department (ChemE) of Delft University consists of 34 scientific faculty members and a team of over 100 post-docs and PhD students. In specific, the Catalysis Engineering (CE) group, headed by prof. F. Kapteijn, is presently one of the leading groups in the application of regular structures (monoliths) and advanced nanostructured materials (MOFs, zeolites) in Catalysis, Adsorptive processes and Separations. Our research group focuses on the application of Catalysis through smart engineering with a strong emphasis on the utilization of structured materials in multiphase and multifunctional operation and photocatalysis.