Polymem S.A

POLYMEM SA started its business in 1997, specializing in the development and manufacturing of membranes based upon hollow fibres. POLYMEM develops and manufactures also equipment based upon membrane filtration. POLYMEM sells its products to the most important actors on the water and wastewater markets: Veolia, Ondeo, Saur, and smaller national and international SMEs. POLYMEM modules family has obtained in 2005 the NSF/ANSI61 certificate. At the present time 2017, 50 people are employed by POLYMEM, achieving a turnover around 4 million of Euros. Between 6 and 8 peoples are employed at full time in the R&D department of the company. 

POLYMEM has pilot spinning lines and industrial hollow fiber spinning lines which could be used for R&D projects. POLYMEM has laboratory facilities for membrane characterization and performance evaluation tests either in liquid and gas filtrations. Finally POLYMEM has a design office where, in relation with R&D department membrane, modules could be designed.

POLYMEM is working on hydrophilic and hydrophobic membrane development for liquid and gas separation. POLYMEM is partner of several French and European projects for the development of innovative membranes and innovative filtration processes.

POLYMEM has already succeeded in the scale-up development of membrane indeed from the proof of concept (lab scale) to large production (more than hundreds of m²). For exemple the products Gigamem® , Neophil™ are current commercial products launched by POLYMEM R&D.