ZEG Power A.S.

The ZEG –technology (Zero Emission Gas power) is a technology for highly efficient co-production of electricity and hydrogen where electricity is produced by solid oxide fuel cells and waste heat from the fuel cells is used for hydrogen production in a modified reforming reaction with integrated CO2 capture.

ZEG Power AS (ZEG) is a SME for technology development based at Kjeller, Norway. The business idea of ZEG is to offer cost effective ZEG® plants in various sizes ranging from initial small scale (400 kW) power plants targeted towards the biogas market to ambitious large scale (100+ MW) natural gas power plants. Main products from a ZEG plant are electricity, hydrogen and CO2.  ZEG is a design and engineering company with the ambition to industrialize, and take the ZEG-technology to the market together with key industrial and commercial partners offering unrivalled efficiency and environmental friendly energy production from fossil and bio based fuels.

Commercialization of the technology is planned in a two-step process where the initial focus will be on stand-alone hydrogen production (no electricity) with integrated CO2 capture through the Sorption Enhanced Reforming (SER) process.