Post date: Tuesday, 2022, October 11 - 10:52

MEMBER project's Footprinter is online. You can visit our dedicated website here.

Post date: Monday, 2022, June 13 - 10:51

Within the MEMBER project we have organised a final workshop to present the latest results we have obtained in the frame of the project. Both face-to-face and online attendance is possible. Information of the workshop can be found at the following link: final workshop.

The booklet with all the presentation is now available. You can download the booklet here.

Post date: Saturday, 2022, February 19 - 13:57

Within the project MEMBER we have organised a webinar on February 23rd (2022) to present the latest results on the modeling, design and scale-up of membrane based processes for CO2 capture. The booklet with all the presentation is now available. You can download the booklet here.

Post date: Tuesday, 2022, February 1 - 16:31

The CARMOF, MEMBER and MOF4AIR joint webinar has been held online on February 24th (2022), 10:30-12:00 CET. Information on the webinar, agenda and registration procedure can be found in this link or donwloading this document.

The presentations of the webinar including the poll results as well as the Policy Brief recommendations are now available

Brief description of the targets and projects can be found in this flyer

Post date: Saturday, 2021, March 13 - 11:19

The International workshop on "CO2 Capture and Utilization" took place on February 16th-17th, 2021. The online workshop was organised by TU/e jointly to other 11 Euroepan funded projects working on the field of CO2 capture and utilization. The booklet with the presentation and the recorded presentations are now available online. You can download the booklet here and you can find the playlist at the following link:

Post date: Thursday, 2019, September 5 - 15:16

The Booklet of the 1st MEMBER workshop on "Membrane Processes for CO2 Capture" including the public presentation is available in the publication section of the dissemination webpage of MEMBER.

Post date: Tuesday, 2018, March 20 - 13:50

The Kick-off meeting was kindly hosted by TUE at TUE Office in Brussels (Eurotech Universities Alliance) on January the 17th 2018.
Objectives, role of team members, deliverables, and dissemination activities were presented, as well as each work package work plan. Lastly, the process for managing risks and issues was covered.
Everything is thus all set for the MEMBER project to run nicely.